How to Clean a Mattress

Mattresses have their own importance in our lives as we spend a significant portion of the life by lying on the mattress. Now to have a sound and relaxed sleep, mattress has to be in perfect shape from all aspects.  Mattress Cleanliness is one of the major factors to be considered for having a healthy lifestyle.  Your mattress has to be properly neat and clean and well maintained for comfortable sleep. Mattress cleaning is not an easy accomplished task and is way tough as compared to cleaning of bedding. This article will tell you few essential steps required to clean a mattress, and get a regular schedule setup to keep your mattress clean.

Make Regular Cleaning a habit:

The most important aspect to make your mattress dust free is to keep it well protected. Use a mattress cover or pad to keep the dirt and debris away from your mattress. If you have to tackle the problem of small kids peeing on the bed and that brings liquid inside your mattress, the best option in this case is to opt for a waterproof mattress. This not only saves your mattress, but its also quite easy to wash the mattress cover as compared to the mattress itself.

Another important step in the cleanliness of the mattress is Rotation. I know it sounds strange but it is very important to protect the mattress from uncomfortable sags and soft spots. It is good if you flip the mattress at about every six months. The best way out is to reverse the mattress with the head and foot positions switching place so the opposite side is resting on the bed frame or box spring each side.

Secondly, you can also use the vacuum cleaner for cleaning the mattress. Use the vacuum cleaner once in a week to remove all the unnecessary dirt particles and it is also very beneficial to the persons who can not bear allergies.

Stain Removing:

The best way to remove the stain from mattress is to go for a Dry Cleaning method rather using the wet detergents as they can squeeze deep into the mattress and worsen the situation even more. You can opt for the Upholstery cleaners, but that too in a delicate manner. Use a dry sponge upon the stain to remove it .

It is sometimes very difficult to remove the stains such as urine and blood even with the help of cleaners. In this situation, you can go for hydrogen peroxide easily found in most bathrooms. And the most important thing, let your mattress dry completely before using it for your bedding. Use a fan blowing above your mattress to make it completely dry.

For having a delightful sleeping experience, maintain your mattress properly in every possible manner.  Try to make a proper schedule and devote some time on regular basis to cleanliness of mattresses to make the mattresses long lasting. Always remember, for having a better sleep, your mattress must have to be comfortable and to make a mattress experience more comfortable, it has to be clean

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