Mattress Financing




Frequently Asked Questions

What is the interest rate? How is the monthly payment figured?

There is not an interest rate. We purchase the merchandise from you and the customer leases it from us until it’s paid off. Lease payments are 15% of the invoice amount per month.

Example: $1,000 invoice = $150/mo payment

How do I make payments?

Payments are automatically withdrawn from the customer’s bank account on their paydays. Example: If the invoice amount is $1,000 and you paid weekly, you will pay $34.61 for 52 payments. If you are paid bi-weekly, you will pay $69.23 bi-weekly for 26 payments. If you are paid monthly, you will pay $150 monthly for 12 payments.

How long is the lease agreement for?

All lease/purchase agreements are for 12 months unless the customer wishes to pay off early.

What are the buyout options?

We offer early buyout options to customers who wish to own the merchandise outright before the 12 month term is completed. They have two options:

90 Day Payment Option: The customer pays only the invoice amount plus a $40 INITIAL PAYMENT within 90 days of the delivery date.

Early Buyout Option: If the customer wishes to own the merchandise outright after 90 days, they will be able to purchase their merchandise at a percentage of their remaining balance.